Zumbah Goes Green is the 30th episode of season 1 of Boohbah UNBOUND!. It was first broadcast May 1, 2014. The episode focuses on the original BOOHBAH! production and Zumbah's older brother, who makes his only appearance in this episode. 


It is Earth Day, and Bobby decides to count on his Boohbahs to help him do the work. They all do what he wants, and by that time, they have flown in a circle around the plants in order to get them clean again. However, by the time the Boohbahs end flying, a green pod appears out of nowhere from one of the bushes. Bobby and his neighbors are confused, seeing that they have not seen a Boohbah like that before. 

They all think because of the pod's size, it may be Zumbah who is hiding behind the pod. However, they are not right, considering the purple Boohbah is Zumbah and the pod is green, the colour is not the same. All of the original five Boohbahs (Jumbah, Jingbah, Humbah, Zumbah, and Zing Zing Zingbah) all begin hopping (the other five are not looking) and doing farting noises to sense that they do know who is hiding behind the pod. However, after they all fart, a red pod appears alongside the green Boohbah's pod, confusing everyone again. With that problem not yet solved, Bobby decides to release all 11 Boohbahs and his helicopter and begins his adventure.

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