005 Big Windows
Season One, Episode Five
Vital statistics
Air date United Kingdom: 23 April, 2003
United States: January 23, 2004
Written by Gary Winters
Gregg Whelan
Directed by Chris Bernard
Annie Gibbs
Vic Finch
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Musical Pipe Comfy Armchair

Shape up with some Boohbah swingy twirls, and have fun hiding your head and feet. In Storyworld, Brother and Sister find a floating window. But can they see who’s behind the window curtains?

Quotes: Edit

It's a window.

Somebody's coming.

It's Brother and Sister.

Sister has closed the curtain.

Brother has closed the curtain.

Where is Sister?

Where is Sister?

2 more windows.

It's Grandpappa.

It's Grandmamma.

It's Grandpappa again.

It's Sister.