Vinilla "Vin" Burnham is a costume and puppet designer.


Before working on Boohbah, Burnham worked as a freelance animatronic and Muppet designer for the Jim Henson Creature Shop. She did several of the mentioned for The Dark Crystal, Dinosaurs, Labyrinth, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films, and the BBC's The Chronicles of Narnia, the latter of which's Aslan animatronic became a smash hit with many people.

In 1992, she did costumes for Batman Returns, where she was one out of 40 members of a team working in a Batshop based in Burbank, California.

Work at Ragdoll Productions Edit

In 2002, Burnham designed five costumes for Ragdoll's new programme for the following year, Boohbah.

Being this statistic, Burnham is the sole designer of the Boohbahs; five furry, atomic creatures with big, fat, twinkling bodies, flashing eyebrows, and retractable heads. These were Burnham's at-the-time most "unique" costumes; remote-controls guided the Boohbahs' brown shifting eyes as well as their head, and the actors could even fly inside the inflated costumes.

Of the costumes, she admitted that:

"Those costumes are very original, unlike anything I have made before. I am lucky because a lot of the costumes I make are different from anything made by anyone else."

Burnham's costume contains an outer carapace (covered in ruffled "fur" cloth, housing 500 tiny lights, and containing an air tank to inflate the costume's body up), a head piece (with movable eyes and eyebrows), and a remote to both retract the head into the costume's neck and control those two parts.

In 2006, she consulted the design for the costumes for another Ragdoll show, "In the Night Garden...".

After Ragdoll Edit

She currently runs a costume store called the Little Costume Shop, a costume-collectors' online store with wedding, ballet, and stage costumes made by her.

Television worksEdit

  • The Chronicles of Narnia (Aslan and Eustace Dragon animatronic animals and Glenstrom costume, 1988)
  • The Disney Channel (Monty puppet, 2001)
  • Ragdoll Productions (Boohbah and In the Night Garden... costumes, 2003-2004, 2007-2009)
  • Fungus the Bogeyman (Live-action and computer-animated costumes, 2004)
  • Wind in the Willows (Costume designer, 2007)
  • ZingZillas (Costume designer, 2010)
  • The Matt Lucas Awards (2012)

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