Twinkle Magic Boohbahs are light-up soft toys made by TWF.

Info Edit

Each Boohbah is 15 inches tall. Their fur is made of terry cloth with a less softer layer below which contains a 3 "AA" battery compartment (accessed by opening a flap on the Boohbah's back up), tiny lights, and five special lights to make it glisten/shimmer and twinkle, respectively. At the head are 10 lights located in their eyebrows and two eye mechanisms.

When the Boohbah's stomach is pressed, its stomach will light up, it will make sound (the magic chant, their name, squeaking, farting or air bellowing, squealing, etc.), and at certain points, their eyebrows will light up and their eyes will move. There are five patterns each light will project; a Boohbah, the Boohball, a Storyworld present, the Boohbahs' pods, and a coloured orb.

Available in Edit

Suggested retail price Edit

  • 29.99 (American dollars and British pounds)
  • $34.99 (Australian dollars)

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