Tomica, also known as Plarail in Japan, Tomica World in the United Kingdom from 1998-2002, and Motor Road and Rail, is a electronic train system manufactured by TOMY and TWF.

It originally was created in Japan in 1959 as a push-along plastic train set. The first electric train was released two years later in their "Electric Pla-train set", featuring a three-car arrangement that later became the main number of cars available in Plarail trains.

In 1998, the brand was introduced in the United Kingdom as Tomica World, which combined simple, "classic" trains with real-life locomotives, road vehicles, and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends characters, the latter of which were introduced six years before as part of the original Plarail range. Five years later, the non-Thomas items were discontinued, and the range was renamed "Motor Road and Rail", which was eventually turned into and inspired TrackMaster, a similar series manufactured by HiT Toys and Fisher-Price.

In 2010, the regular Plarail/Tomica World brand returned to the United Kingdom and United States as Tomica, which mainly conisted of Hyper Guardian and Tomica World-esque items.

The range will feature Teletubbies and Boohbah items as part of a major expansion of the Plarail, Tomica, and MR&R range(s). The two brands both fall under the latter, Motor Road and Rail, now known as Tomica Friends, a category featuring licensed characters.



The Boohbah series features five trains, all of which are modeled off of the titular characters, the Boohbahs. Each character features five pieces: a first car, housing a radio-control head, light-up area, and sound generator (the latter is activated by movements such as slopes, speed changes, and derailments), a powered second car, featuring yet another light-up area and a two-speed motor, and the third car, resembling the Boohbahs' legs, which features, again, another light-up area. The two other pieces are a remote to power the Boohbah's head and a flexible, flocked overcoat. Each Boohbah requires a C battery to operate, a AA battery for the first car's features, and a AAA battery to light up the third car.

Sets and accessories

  • The Boohball. The main purpose of it is to "charge" up or hold a train when it is not being used, and it features lights, sounds, and a four-Boohbah turntable that can move the Boohbahs on it around when they are being "charged"/inspected.

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