Boohbah - WTF!

Boohbah - WTF!

See and hear the "Funny Folding" warm-up dance

Numerous times, many people who have watched Boohbah have thought the titular characters to be farting or making flatulent noises when they move.


In Boohbah, most of the noises heard when the Boohbahs dance or move are those eerily similar to flatulence; whenever the Boohbahs fall down, bump into each-other, and in most cases, fly, they expel air and concurrently make a noise that sounds like them either blowing a raspberry or farting.

Consequently, this sparks the thought that the Boohbahs fart, mainly because of the (electronic-sounding) noises being heard whenever they do the above things. Similarly, this thought also triggers another that they fart to fly, also because of these same noises being heard when they do so. In many instances, as in the "Funny Folding" dance as illustrated above, they also make these noises while doing an action like bending over, further fuelling this often-claimed thought.

According to Anne Wood, however, the noises are meant to replicate air coming out of a balloon, and some official sources, including this wiki, address the noises as "air-bellowing".

Cited examples of people knowing about the noisesEdit


On the archived talk page for Wikipedia's article on the show[1], one contributor's response to the topic above mentions that (s)he thinks that the show encourages farting in public and says that this can lead to the exercise of the bowel movements. The same topic also has an anecdote about the contributor attempting to add information about the flatulence and then having it removed for unknown reasons, most likely because the next person to edit the article thought this was the work of a vandal.

Later, the issue was resolved by another contributor saying that the Boohbahs aren't farting, demanding contributors not to put it back. Years later, when the article was altered to match information that was revealed after this wiki began taking shape, information about the noises was added back in, but as the word used to describe them when the current format for the article first surfaced: "poofs".

Numerous other review sitesEdit

Negative or not, many online reviews of Boohbah are quick enough to point out the flatulent noises, which are often considered one of the things wrong with the show. However, while the noises are at best considered minor compared to, for example, the "creepiness" of the Boohbahs and the oft-repeated thoughts that the show features no educational value to speak of, they are heard enough to be notable and as such earn this T&M article.

On the show's review area on IMDb, many reviews, again, point out these noises, and according to two of them, the DVDs' captions say "pfft" whenever the Boohbahs begin flying.


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