The following (and some of the articles that are linked) are half canon, half fanon.

TWF (also known as TWF International or Toys of Wonder Foundation) is a worldwide toy company brought up by Ryan Scott Bannon in late 2014. It is the master toy licensee of several Ragdoll shows, such as Teletubbies and Boohbah in the UK, US, Canada, and Eire. Both brands are marketed under the TWF Friends label, which is the category that licensed pre-school shows fall under.

For both brands, the divisions of TWF used are Character Options and Spin Master.

The following products are themed to Boohbah:

Non-moving soft toys Edit

The toys below and in the next list are listed from smallest to biggest. Each softie has features like shimmering, sparkling, and twinkling fur, moving eyes, and some have a retractable head. Some of the softies also have lights-and-sounds features like their fur twinkling, their eyebrows lighting up, and their eyes moving.

Moving soft toys Edit

This section consists of soft toys that are more complicated than the ones above. As such, they include movement like dancing, rocking, falling, and flying, and are notably more expensive than the regular Boohbah softies. Some toys are remote-controlled, while some are either manually powered or respond to people's movement.

Deluxe Authentic Edit

As the assortment title implies, the Deluxe Authentic line is a series of toys that are very, if not extremely, accurate to the objects seen onscreen. The same toy line also consists of Teletubbies and In the Night Garden... items; the list below only lists the Boohbah stuff.

Figures and plastic toys Edit

TWF Store exclusives Edit

TWF also has its own store, which features most of its licensees and brands, Ragdoll and DHX included, as well with merchandise themed to them that cannot be found anywhere else. The list below shows the Boohbah stuff.

Misc. and bedding Edit

Release schedule Edit

  • May 2016
    • Peek-a-Boohbah
    • Silly Sounds soft toys
    • Small soft toys
    • Medium soft toys
    • 3" Boohbah poseable figures
    • 6" Boohbah action figures
    • Boohball Sound Playset
    • Magic Motion Boohball
    • Light 'n' Sound soft toys
  • September 2016
    • Twinkle Magic soft toys
    • RC Flying soft toys
    • Dance Along soft toys
    • Get Up & Dance inflatables
    • Boohblankets
    • Large soft toys
    • Soft toys with sound
    • C&AW Ragdoll Productions line
    • Storyworld figures
    • SFX Boohbah figures
    • Zippity figures
  • October 2016
    • Deluxe Authentic line
    • Dance with Me soft toys
    • Magic Moves soft toys
    • Gift/Baby line
    • Lights 'n' Sounds Spinner assortment and set
    • Jumbo soft toys
    • Soft toys with DVD
  • January 2017
    • Bump 'n' Sound soft toys
    • Toys "R" Us US/Canada and ASDA exclusive Silly Sounds 'n' Lights soft toys
    • Boohbah Bedsheets
    • BOOH!-tique and Teletub-boutique lines
    • TWF Store exclusive items
  • April 2017

Boohbahs' fur hex triplets Edit

The below colours will be those of each TWF Boohbah (plastic and soft toys).

  • Humbah: #FAEB19 (fur)/#FAFF1E (plastic)/E5D95D (pod colour)/#F0DB4E (Gift)
  • Jingbah: #F01873 (fur)/#F21A78 (plastic)/E16792 (pod colour)/#FF90BC (Gift)
  • Jumbah: #189CFF (fur)/#23AFFF (plastic)/67BCE1 (pod colour)/#81CCFB (Gift)
  • Zing Zing Zingbah: #FFA518 (fur)/#FA9D1E (plastic)/FBB850 (pod colour)/#FFC24F (Gift)
  • Zumbah: #7D2D87 (fur)/#9C17FF (plastic)/B498D8 (pod colour)/#CA66FF (Gift)

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