In Boohbah, Storyworld is the area where the Storypeople inhabit.

Like the Boohbahs' home, the Boohzone, Storyworld is an apparently plain space, as there is no houses, buildings, or roadways to be seen. The area is meant to resemble a jigsaw puzzle template, hence the lack of structures or transportation-ways.

In reality, Storyworld is located in Spain, and the segments are filmed between Malaga and Tarifa.

Locations Edit

Within Storyworld, there are three spaces, one of which will appear in a singular Storyperson segment:

Countryside Edit

This field-like area is the default area for most segments. It consists of nothing except pairs of trees, as well as a few hill-like inclines peering from behind.

Mrs. Lady once found a yellow jumper hanging from one of the trees, and danced around the countryside until unraveling the entire jumper. Three orange trees were also sent to this space, and Mr. Man struggled to collect all the oranges as the wind loosened them from each tree. 

These segments were filmed at Monte Mayor Golf Course in Benahavis, Malaga.

Beach Edit

The Storyworld Beach is the area's "local" sandy beach. It consists of two parts; one sand dune-covered space, and another surrounded by palm trees.

Brother and Sister played with some squeaky, oversized socks on one spot on the beach, and Grandpappa and Little Dog Fido fought over a comfy armchair.

In the palm trees area, Mr. Man, Grandpappa and Auntie found a Piggy Bank and found three coins inside it, Brother and Sister, found a pile of bananas and found a way to share them, thanks to a weighing scale and Mr. Man & Grandpappa honk horns at each other.

Most of these segments are filmed at the Palm Gardens at Gran Canaria

In the sand dune-covered space area, Mr. Man & Grandpappa followed three sign posts in circles, Auntie finds a Treasure Chest and becomes Queen Auntie and Grandmamma puts a heap of mail in a post box.

Most of these segments are filmed at the sand dunes at Gran Canaria beach

Most of the beach segments were filmed at Torremolinos beach at Torremolinos.

Snowy Forest Edit

This area, occupied by pine trees, is where the Storypeople go to when they play in the snow.

The "snowy forest" segments were filmed in Pinewood, England.