Silly Sounds Boohbahs are electronic "talking" plush/soft toys released by Hasbro in 2004 and soon to be released again by TWF.

Info Edit

The Silly Sounds plush is a 12-inch soft toy of each one of the Boohbahs. Their fur is made out of special material to make it shimmer as on the show, and pressing its stomach will make it emit the Boohbah "magic chant", a air bellow, and a squeaking noise.

Available in Edit

Suggested retail price Edit

  • 14.99 (American dollars and British pounds)
  • $19.99 (Australian dollars)

Trivia Edit

  • Out of all Hasbro Boohbah items available, this one is the most accurate to the Boohbahs as they appear on the show; their stomach is extremely obese, their arms and legs are nearly stubby, and the neck is nearly invisible due to the size of the belly. The Dance Along Boohbahs, made by the same company, are thinner than the Silly Sounds plush because they are full of mechanisms and need to be less obese in order to make the mechanisms work.

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