Silly Sounds 'n' Light Boohbahs are soft toys made by TWF. They are exclusive to Toys "R" Us, and are light-up versions of the Silly Sounds toys.

Info Edit

Each Boohbah is 12 inches tall. They have the same fur material as the regular Silly Sounds soft toys, and they have light-up eyebrows and shimmering fur. Below the main fur section is a battery compartment taking 3 "AA" batteries.

Each Boohbah can be activated by pressing its hand. The Boohbah makes several sounds like a squeak, air bellow (which is also heard when dropped or picked back up), and a squeal, these being three out of seven, and if its hand is pressed, its eyebrows light up.

Available in Edit

Suggested retail price Edit

  • $19.99

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