Boohbah: Rope & Rock is a fan-made Boohbah DVD and VHS that has the 1st 3 episodes in backwards order, instead of forwards order. Join as the Boohbahs as they swing their arms and shape up, do some quick Boohbah action, do some folding, push and pull each other, hide behind each other in a line, and bounce up and down, and join the Storypeople as they pull the rope and try to see each other, but the rock is in the way, find pearls in shells, and have fun skipping with a skipping rope.


  1. Rope and Rock
  2. Pearly Shells
  3. Skipping Rope

Trivia: Skipping Rope has already been released in the UK Boohbah: Magic VHS & DVD, and the US Boohbah: Comfy Armchair VHS & DVD.