Record Player
007 Record Player
Season One, Episode Seven
Vital statistics
Air date United Kingdom: 28 April, 2003
United States: January 27, 2004
Written by Gary Winters
Gregg Whelan
Directed by Chris Bernard
Annie Gibbs
Vic Finch
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Armchair (Comfy Armchair) Squeaky Socks

Get in a spin with the dizzy Boohbahs, and guess when it's time to Stop and Go. In StoryworldGrandmamma finds a round record, but will the Storypeople have time to move to the groovy music?

Quotes: Edit

It's an old record player.

Somebody's coming.

It's Grandmamma.

Grandmamma is putting a record on.

All gone.

Somebody's coming.

It's Grandpappa.

Grandpappa is putting a bigger record on.

All gone.

Somebody's coming.

It's Brother and Sister.

Brother and Sister are putting an even bigger record on.

All gone.

That's a very, very big record.


Trivia Edit

  • This is the 1st episode to have a short, rushed ending. The shots of Zing Zing Zingbah and Jumbah sleeping are cut out, and the scene where the Boohzone disappears is sped up. The scene with the Boohball flying over the ocean is also dropped out, making a full shot of the Boohball flying away from the green hill without an extra scene. However, This does not occur on the "Boohbah Magic" DVD, only the VHS.