Play-Doh is a popular moulding compound made by Hasbro.

In 2004, six Play-Doh sets featuring the Boohbahs were released. All of them featured shimmery Play-Doh that, when used on any set, resembled the Boohbahs' fur.

The sets made were:

Shape 'n Shimmer Playset

A set made especially to make clay Boohbah figures. The set includes:

  • Five tubs of Shimmer Play-Doh, all in Boohbah colours
  • 3 Boohbah moulds
  • A roller with small Boohbah shapes on its blade
  • A fur extruder

Figures with Play-Doh

Five figures with moving eyes and a can of Shimmer Play-Doh to put into it and create fur for the figure.

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