Boohbah: Parping Horn is a fan-made Boohbah DVD. Join the Boohbahs as they jump side to side, rock back and forth, lean side to side with 1 leg, sneak up and surprise each other, spin around and around and around, and have some back and forth fun, and join the Storypeople, including Grandpappa, as they parp a horn, blow some feathers, and do a flag dance.


  1. Parping Horn
  2. Feathers
  3. Flag

Differences between Parping Horn & Feathers.

  1. The U.K. Version of Parping Horn has the Germany & China intro, while the version here has the U.S.A. & Ecuador intro, like Squeaky Socks.
  2. The U.K. Version of Feathers has the U.K. & South Africa intro, while the version here has the South Africa & France intro, like Yellow Woolly Jumper a.k.a. Yellow Woolly Sweater & Heavy Suitcase.

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