Paramount Home Media Distribution (formerly known as Paramount Home Entertainment) is the home media distributor (hence its name) for Paramount Pictures, a subsidiary of Viacom. Many of its licensees include Nickelodeon, PBS, CBS, and Showtime.

PBS Video Edit

From 2004 to 2006, Paramount Home Entertainment released seven Boohbah DVDs under the PBS Video label, alongside the series Teletubbies, Caillou, Cyberchase, and Jay Jay the Jet Plane. PBS Video (which was before a video brand for Warner Home Video and now an independent company owned by PBS itself) had, for years, a separate label for its PBS Kids show videos, which separated the kids-and-adult videos into two categories. In 2004, the PBS Kids videos were switched over to Paramount, while the mature videos switched to an independent manufacturer.

Each DVD's bonus features were an interview with Anne Wood, the show's creator, laced with footage from the show and children watching an episode of Boohbah, as well as a Look What I Can Do! segment. Occasionally, a pamphlet promoting Boohbah merchandise would be found inside certain DVDs, while the Umbrella DVD announced the winner of a "you can be a star"-type contest.

Videos and DVDs Edit

Promotional videos Edit

Before the VHS versions of each DVD is available for purchase, a demo tape can be rented to let consumers screen the contents on the video before deciding to buy it when it comes out. Six out of seven Boohbah videos have been made into demo tapes, usually available for rent until the retail version is released and with a different back-cover design (it is currently unknown if Umbrella was given a demo tape, as it was released just as VHS' were getting discontinued in more wider retailers).

Although not distributed by Paramount, a screener tape was made available around December 2003-January 2004 to promote Boohbah's American debut on PBS Kids. Unlike the Paramount videos, the screener tape has the Look What I Can Do! segment left intact as part of both episodes, and the "coming up next on-" end-dances are seen, whereas they are left out on the retail videos.

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