Mrs Lady is a Storyperson. She is played by Harvey Virdi.

Ms Lady

Biography Edit

Mrs Lady is a heavyset Indian woman.

She thinks she knows everything she does, but she is sometimes capable of going too far.

Appearance Edit

Mrs Lady is shown to be a heavyset Indian Woman.

She has dark hair and wears a turquoise blue blouse, hot pink trousers, white socks and pink sneakers.

TV Episode AppearancesEdit

  1. Skipping Rope (debut)
  2. Musical Pipe
  3. Squeaky Socks
  4. Big Bass Drum
  5. Jack in the Box
  6. Yellow Woolly Jumper
  7. The Door
  8. Puddle
  9. Cracker
  10. Tunnel
  11. Long Drink
  12. The Big Switch
  13. Beards
  14. Fido's Flag
  15. Stream
  16. Pulling the Rope
  17. Crossroads
  18. Little White Cloud
  19. Jigsaw
  20. Bouncy Castle