Mr Man is a Storyperson. He is a husky black man. He is played by Mark Ramsey.

Appearance Edit

Mr Man is, hence his name, a bald colored Man.

His skin is black.

He wears a short-sleeved magenta shirt, white trousers, black socks and black sneakers.

He is brave.

TV Episode Appearances Edit

  1. Skipping Rope (debut)
  2. Musical Pipe
  3. Squeaky Socks
  4. A Pile of Balls
  5. Big Bass Drum
  6. Squeaky Seesaw
  7. Bubbles
  8. Musical Instruments
  9. The High Wall
  10. Cakes and String
  11. Bells
  12. Shed
  13. Piggy Bank
  14. Parping Horn
  15. Musical Cushions
  16. Following the Signs
  17. Tunnel
  18. Television (Big TV)
  19. The Big Switch
  20. Bouncers
  21. Beards
  22. Paper Plane
  23. Droopy Flowers
  24. Sailing Boat
  25. Gigantic Carrot
  26. Stream
  27. Bat & Ball
  28. Falling Oranges
  29. Pulling the Rope
  30. Hole in the Fence
  31. Crossroads
  32. Coloured Bricks
  33. Jigsaw
  34. Stick
  35. Four Jumpers
  36. Squirty Flower
  37. Fido's Picture
  38. Book (last appearance)

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