Magic Moves Boohbahs are moving soft toys made by TWF.

Info Edit

Each Magic Moves soft toy is 15 inches tall. Their fur is made of terry cloth with a inflated undercoat under it and several tiny lights between. In the undercoat is a powerful fan to propel the Boohbah back up, several mechanisms, and a soundbox. Around the head area is a pulley to retract it, lights in their eyebrows, and two moving eye mechanisms.

Each Boohbah is move-activated and will repeat certain dance moves if someone else does them. If the user prefers to make a remote move their Boohbah, this can also be done.

Available in Edit

Suggested retail price Edit

  • $39.99 (American dollars)
  • 37.99 (British pounds)
  • $42.99 (Australian dollars)

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