Magic Motion Boohbahs is a set of spinning tops made by Hasbro in 2004 and soon to be released with Light 'n' Sound Spinners instead of regular tops by TWF.

Information Edit

The Magic Motion set contains a launcher and five tops, each one resembling each Boohbah. The bottom of the launcher contains slots to store the tops in when not in use. Pulling a lever on the side of the launcher and then pulling it forward will dispatch the Boohbah from the launcher and make it spin until it slows down.

The TWF version has a coloured launcher instead of a white one and lacks the storage slots at the bottom. The tops included with this version are modified versions of each Light 'n' Sound Spinner instead of the tops included in the original version (the ripcord versions are available separately by the same company) with a launch-intended spinner base instead of a ripcord slot. Unlike the original base and like the tops included, the base also makes sound as well, like the trademark magic chant, each Boohbah's name, and some Boohbah noises. These sounds can be heard by pulling the launcher lever back and forth or by pressing a button on one side of the launcher. In the middle of the launcher is a monument of the Boohball. The doughnut-shaped area where each Boohbah is launched now resembles a rainbow spiral.

When each Boohbah is launched on the TWF version, the name of the Boohbah being launched will play as well as a Boohbah sound. The base and Boohball monument also light up as each Boohbah gets launched.

Suggested retail price Edit

  • $9.99 (apparent original American dollars)
  • 19.99 (American dollars and British pounds)
  • $27.99 (Australian dollars)

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