Look What I Can Do! was an American-exclusive segment that aired on PBS Kids broadcasts of Boohbah.

It was meant to fill up the expanded 30-minute running time of the show, and came up after the main part of each show. Each segment would have the Boohball flying to another place until landing on a grassy field and leaving behind a rainbow-swirl dot, with at-first-unseen children calling out "Look what (I or we) can do!".

The main sequence would have one or more children dancing on the Boohball's rainbow dot, doing simple moves to encourage viewers at home to follow along. There would be either three or four dances performed in this segment, mostly for padding reasons.

Availability Edit

Currently, there are very minimal episodes with the segment intact available on the internet. The most common episode to be uploaded online with the segment included is a 2005 recording of the episode Pearly Shells with the American format in place of the original, which can be found on YouTube.

A couple of segments were also released on both Paramount Home Entertainment's Boohbah DVDs and two screener tapes by PBS.

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