Boohbah: Little Dog Fido is a fan-made Boohbah DVD and VHS with all of the episodes having to do with Little Dog Fido, and for the 1st time ever, this Boohbah DVD contains 5 episodes, instead of the usual 3, or in some cases, 4. Join the Boohbahs as they do some silly marching, some jumping, some sideways steps, some scrunching and stretching, and some stomping, and join Little Dog Fido as he poses behind a picture frame, finds a flag with his picture on it, tries to dig a big bone out of a hole, runs on a carpet with Brother & Sister, and tries to join Mr. Man in the stick throwing game. Little Dog Fido, I'm sure that you'll have fun with these 5 episodes.


  1. Fido's Picture
  2. Fido's Flag
  3. Fido's Bone
  4. Unwinding Carpet
  5. Stick

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