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Little Dog Fido is the Storypeople's "pet" Dog, Who is mostly seen with Grandpappa. He is played by Dash.

He is also the only Storyworld character to make noise, in this case, Barking.

Appearance Edit

Little Dog Fido is a typical Jack Russell Terrier; white with orange-brown spots and a plain red collar.

He's a pet.

He's a Dog.

He barks.

TV Episode AppearancesEdit

  1. Rope and Rock (debut)
  2. Musical Pipe
  3. Armchair
  4. Painting the Fence
  5. Big Bass Drum
  6. Bubbles
  7. Cakes and String
  8. Hot Dog
  9. Treasure Chest
  10. Cracker
  11. Tunnel
  12. Necklace
  13. Television (Big TV)
  14. Beards
  15. Paper Plane
  16. Fido's Flag
  17. Comfy Slippers
  18. Ice Cream Cone
  19. Pulling the Rope
  20. Hole in the Fence
  21. Fido's Bone
  22. Little White Cloud
  23. Stack of Cushions
  24. Stick
  25. Four Jumpers
  26. Fido's Picture
  27. Unwinding Carpet