Jingbah is the pink Boohbah.  


Biography Edit

Jingbah is the most versatile of the group, and is also very sturdy, keeping her balance, barely falling over during dances, and able to listen to the "children" as well as the other Boohbahs. However, despite this, there are some instances where she has lost her balance.

Livery Edit

Jingbah is magenta or hot pink with a red strip of fur at the back of her stomach and brown eyes.  

Actors Edit

Merchandises Edit

  • Hasbro (Dance Along, Silly Sounds, Peek-a-Boohbah, jumbo pillow, Zippity, action figure, and Play-Doh figure)
  • Golden Bear Toys (Lights and Sounds, medium plush, Peek-a-Boohbah, and Dancing)
  • TWF (all of the above, authentic deluxe plush, assorted plush, remote-controlled flying, 7" figure, and sound figure)