79 Jigsaw
Tone up your tum and bum with the Boohbahs and play a Chasing and Catching game. In Storyworld, Mr Man finds a Jigsaw Puzzle. But can he puzzle out where the last piece is?

 Notes Edit

  • 2 Country Intro: USA & Ecuador
  • Warm-Up: Tone Up Your Tum And Bum
  • Storypeople: Mrs Lady, Mr Man and a donkey
  • Boohbah Dance: Chasing And Catching

Trivia: Edit

  • This is the 3rd episode to feature an animal, other than Little Dog Fido. This episode features a donkey. The 1st episode is Shining Armour, which features a horse. The 2nd episode is Drink Of Milk, which features a cow, and the 4th episode is Flying Fish, which features a fish.
  • This is the last episode with the warm-up "Tone Up Your Tum And Bum", as well as the only episode not to pair it with the South Africa & France intro.