Hasbro is a American toy company based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It is responsible for the distribution, as well as making of, toys like My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Tonka, Monopoly, Risk, The Game of Life, etc.

Hasbro was also responsible for the distribution and production of many licensed products, such as Disney movies, figures and collectibles based on Marvel characters, and Ragdoll Productions products. From 1998 to 2000, they rolled out various toys based on Boohbah's sister show, Teletubbies, before being handed the rights to produce toys for Boohbah itself in North America in June 2003 (as well as worldwide a few months later).

The first fifteen Boohbah items by Hasbro, marketed under their Playskool preschool branding, came out in July 2004, with additional products coming out either in August 2004 or in the spring of 2005. Unlike Golden Bear, which was the master toy licensee of Boohbah in its home country, Playskool produced more complicated plush, such as the Dance Along assortment and the Get Up & Dance inflatable Jumbah.

The line was discontinued by Hasbro in early 2006 because of low sales, leaving many of the stock dormant and shelf-space full of the merchandise. It must also be noted that because of their rarity, a new-in-box Hasbro Boohbah item will most often fetch for twice its suggested retail price and rarely less than its original price.

Products Edit

A twelve-inch dancing plush doll. The Boohbah can dance to multiple different instrumental songs, swivel its head around, and bob up and down. The plush is available in all five colors.

A twelve-inch plush that makes assorted sounds. The plush is available in all five colors.

Carried over from the UK Golden Bear release, this collectible Boohbah plush can have its head hidden by pushing it down into the plush's "neck".

A 2-foot inflatable doll of Jumbah. By moving and dancing, Jumbah will respond by dancing along to the music.

A moving plastic action figure. By pulling it back, the Boohbah will move around waving its arms and lighting up until its head pops up.

A plastic figure that can be posed in different ways.

A soft plush pillow shaped like a Boohbah.

A set of spinning tops shaped like Boohbahs with a launcher.

A molding compound brand. There is two Boohbah sets available: a set of figures with a tub of Play-Doh and a playset with shimmering Play-Doh and molding supplies shaped like Boohbahs.

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