Grandpappa is a Storyperson. He is played by Robin Stevens.

Biography Edit

Grandpappa, being spry, is almost always trying to stop the Storypeople's pet, Little Dog Fido, from taking away things that he finds (like an Armchair or a Pair of Slippers).

He also has little luck getting to get inside certain objects, like a Hammock or a Rocket Ship.

Appearance Edit

Grandpappa is an elderly man.

He has white hair and a white mustache.

He usually wears a long-sleeved yellow shirt, some dark gray trousers, red shoulder straps, yellow socks and white trainers.

He always pets his pet, Little Dog Fido.

He is the owner.

TV Episode AppearancesEdit

  1. Skipping Rope (debut)
  2. Rope and Rock
  3. Musical Pipe
  4. Windows
  5. Armchair
  6. Record Player
  7. Squeaky Socks
  8. Big Bass Drum
  9. Hammock
  10. Squeaky Seesaw
  11. Big Comb
  12. The Big Ball
  13. Musical Instruments
  14. The Door
  15. Hot Dog
  16. Two Hats
  17. Shining Armour
  18. Piggy Bank
  19. Drink of Milk
  20. Leaky Hose
  21. Parping Horn
  22. Musical Cushions
  23. Following the Signs
  24. Pencil Sharpener
  25. Cracker
  26. Tunnel
  27. Heavy Suitcase
  28. The Big Switch
  29. Bouncers
  30. Paper Plane
  31. Fido's Flag
  32. Gigantic Carrot
  33. Feathers
  34. Comfy Slippers
  35. Ice Cream Cone
  36. Pulling the Rope
  37. Springy Sofa
  38. Club & Ball
  39. Hole in the Fence
  40. Crossroads
  41. Glowing Lanterns
  42. Flag
  43. Four Jumpers
  44. Snow Shaker
  45. Squirty Flower
  46. Book (last appearance)

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