Boohbah: Grandmamma is a fan-made Boohbah DVD and VHS. Watch the Boohbahs as they do some silly marching, hop side to side, hop with Boohbah skips, do some quick Boohbah action, spin around and around and around, do some silly arm swings & play an Up and Down game, and join Grandmamma, as she tries to sleep in her bed, plays with a fairground thing & a mallet, sits on a chair in the air that sends her upside-down, and gets her hand stuck in a sticky lollipop wrapper.


  1. The Bed
  2. Fairground Thing
  3. Chair In The Air
  4. Sticky Wrapper

Differences in Fairground Thing & Chair In The Air:

  1. The UK Version of Fairground Thing has Humbah leading the Silly Marching warm-up dance from The Bed, Falling Oranges & Fido's Picture, while the version here has Humbah leading the Hopping Side To Side warm-up dance from The High Wall, the US Version of Long Drink, and Ball & Hoop.
  2. The UK Version of Chair In The Air has the Jamaica & Australia intro, while the version here has the U.K. & Namibia intro, like Settee & Cushions, a.k.a. Couch & Cushions, and Collecting Mail.