Grandmamma is a Storyperson. She is played by Linda Kerr-Scott.

Appearance Edit

Grandmamma is an elderly woman. She has white hair and wears a dark pink housedress, white sweater, red trousers, white socks and red shoes.


  1. Skipping Rope (debut)
  2. Rope and Rock
  3. Windows
  4. Record Player
  5. Squeaky Socks
  6. Big Bass Drum
  7. Bubbles
  8. Settee & Cushions
  9. Musical Instruments
  10. The Bed
  11. Building Blocks
  12. Hot Dog
  13. Two Hats
  14. Bells
  15. Flowers & Vase
  16. Skittles
  17. Collecting Mail
  18. Television (Big TV)

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