Get Up & Dance is a toy made by Hasbro in 2004 and soon to be re-released by TWF.

Information Edit

The Get Up & Dance is a 24-inch high inflatable of Jumbah, the blue Boohbah. Around the inflated part of the toy is a light blue base containing stickers of the other Boohbahs and a yellow button. Pressing this button will make Jumbah's body inflate as the trademark Boohbah magic chant plays; when completely inflated, Jumbah will dance along with the music playing and the user's movement, and will slow down and speed up when the user does so.

Available in Edit

Hasbro, 2004 Edit

TWF, 2010's Edit

Suggested retail price Edit

  • $24.99 (original American dollars)
  • 22.99 (American dollars and British pounds)
  • $34.99 (Australian dollars)

Trivia Edit

  • Until the TWF reproduction, this is the only Boohbah toy assortment where only one Boohbah has been made.
  • The sounds are the same as the Silly Sounds and Dance Along toys, but there is one exception; the Boohbahs' humming noise made while producing music notes to drop into the Boohball is heard when the Boohbah deflates.

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