Deluxe Authentic Plush Dolls are a line of soft toys made by TWF. As the name suggests, the dolls are the most accurate representation of the Boohbahs onscreen.

Info Edit

Each soft toy is 24-to-25 inches tall and are designed using information and data by Vin Burnham. The material made to make their fur is the same one used to make them on the show, and the fur itself is rounded and fattened up by a automatically-refilling air tank inside the main part of the inner body. The fur is also wired up with several tiny lights, like the costumed versions of the Boohbahs. Under the "show-accurate" fur and above the helium tank are a less-softer layer of "fur" and a soft cloth-like exterior to hold the air inside the inner body and make the plush "cuddly" enough to hug, hold, etc.

Above, around, and over the air tank and lights are several mechanisms, weights, and remote-controlled chips that enable the Boohbah(s) to do certain things, like move their arms and legs, retract their heads, fall to the floor, disembark ground level, or roll/spin/turn around. On both hands and feet are buttons that can allow the Boohbah(s) to perform certain actions without the need of a remote. At the bottom rear end of the body is a powerful, silent fan that makes the Boohbah(s) fly around, lift, lower, or change speed in mid-air. This fan is hidden underneath a tiny hole at the bottom of the toy that expels or lets air from and into the stomach area. At the middle of the body is a movement-sensitive sound box that makes different types of noises when activated.

At the very top of the entire plush is the head, which contains three features: ten light-up eyebrows, a eye mechanism that can move left or right, and a pulley that can retract the Boohbah(s)'s head into its neck or lift it back up again.

Both feet contain a battery compartment, which includes 6 "AA" batteries to fill up each foot. The Boohbah also comes with a remote (requires 4 "AA" batteries) that includes different buttons to make it:

  • Lift head
  • Retract head
  • Light eyebrows up (with sound/flashing)
  • Move eyes to the right (with sound/clicking)
  • Move eyes to the left (with sound/clicking)
  • Control arms (levers on both sides of the remote)
  • Control legs (levers on both sides of the remote)
  • Retract body and hide legs
  • Retract legs up toward body (when in mid-air)
  • Jump up
  • Bungee Booh jump
  • Fall down
  • Leave floor
  • Float
  • Hover
  • Fly straight
  • Fly to the right
  • Fly to the left
  • Fly in reverse
  • Fly and spin at the same time
  • Fly and turn upside down
  • Land
  • Turn upside down in mid-air
  • Kick legs in mid-air
  • Gallop to the left
  • Gallop to the right
  • Reach down and touch its toes
  • Get back up
  • Turn or roll around to the right
  • Turn or roll around to the left
  • Spin around in either direction (levers on both sides of the remote)
  • Sound: Squeak (several types)
  • Sound: Poof/Fart/Air Bellow (several types)
  • Sound: Poot (various types)
  • Sound: Whoosh (various types)
  • Sound: Boing (various types)
  • Sound: Head Retract
  • Sound: Head Pop-Up
  • Sound: Boohbah Magic Chant
  • Sound: Boohbah's Name
  • Program your own dance moves or movements (Put up to 20 movements all together and make your own dance)

Available in Edit

Suggested retail price Edit

  • 59.99 (American dollars and British pounds)
  • $79.99 (Australian dollars)

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