The Deluxe Authentic Boohzone is a playset made by TWF and sold through their online and in-person stores.

Info Edit

The playset is an exact replica of the Boohzone as seen on the show. The base contains a battery compartment and a light up rainbow spiral, which leads to a projector/dance area for the Boohbah soft toys to perform certain moves on.

The projector shows a white beam containing a smaller coloured blob when pressed on, or a rainbow shower if the Boohbahs increase speed. Around the playset are clear walls, a coloured spiral, and light-up bubbles that can be put on the spiral. At the very top is a place to mount the Boohball and the Boohbahs' pods on.

The set is 60 inches tall and 50" inches wide, and is required to be used outdoors.

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