The Deluxe Authentic Boohball is a extremely large playset meant for use with the Deluxe Authentic plush/soft toys that is a replica of the Boohbahs' Boohball. It is made by TWF.

Info Edit

The Boohball is about 28 inches tall and 28 inches long. Included with it is a remote (more about it mentioned below), a white outside, multi-coloured inside dome, and the Boohball itself, containing the Boohbahs' pods, a LED light, and a projector to show a rainbow coming out of the Boohball's wake.

The pods are, as in the show, placed on a 24-inch long detachable round base that takes up most of the set. Each pod is made of the same interior and exterior material as in the show (using data from the prop designers); notably the interior, which is filled with fuzzy confetti-like material. Inside of each pod is a large, glowing white dot, as well as the handles connecting them to the strange-looking monument and the edges of the base. Below all of this and in the funnel-shaped bottom is a circular mechanism, which when activated spins the base around.

Below the main set are motors to make the Boohball float, as well as a battery compartment. The battery compartment houses 4 "C" batteries.

The remote takes 6 "AA" batteries, and has levers and buttons to make the Boohball:

  • Spin pods around in either direction (levers on both sides of the remote)
  • Leave floor
  • Land
  • Fly forward
  • Fly backward
  • Fly to the left
  • Fly to the right
  • Accelerate
  • Project rainbow streak
  • Light up

Suggested retail price Edit

  • 59.99 (American dollars and British pounds)
  • $89.99 (Australian dollars)

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