Dance Along Boohbah is the name given to five electronic plush/soft toys released by Hasbro in 2004 and soon to be released by TWF.

Info Edit

The Dance Along is a 13-inch tall moving plush that swivels its neck, bobs up and down, and plays assorted music from the show when either its hand or leg is pressed. It also produces several Boohbah sound effects: children voiceovers calling out "Booooohhhbbbbaaaaahhhhhh......", a farting noise/air bellow, and a squeak, also mixed in with the pieces of music the plush also makes.

Available in Edit

Suggested retail price Edit

  • $29.99 (American dollars and British pounds)
  • $34.99 (Australian dollars)

Trivia Edit

  • The Dance Along Boohbahs are the most common Boohbah soft toys available anywhere, with many of them appearing in YouTube videos and being sold up to late 2006-early 2007.

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