Boohbah: Cushions is a fan-made DVD and VHS with episodes that are all about cushions. Join the Boohbahs are hop to it with skips, march to the beat, stretch and sway, fall down and get up, play a ''Follow The Leader'' game, and wiggle their bums, and join the Storypeople as they try to get comfortable on a couch & 2 cushions, dance on musical cushions, and be on top of a tumbling stack of cushions. This DVD and VHS actually contains a bonus Teletubbies episode called Rumble Tumble Fun, and it's the UK Version, because the US Version has the ''Tinky Winky's Special Round And Round Dance'' segment, instead of the ''Tinky Winky & Po Bounce On A Bouncy Cushion'' segment. Grab as many cushions as you can, get comfortable, and you'll have a good time watching this DVD and Video.


  1. Couch & Cushions a.k.a. Settee & Cushions
  2. Musical Cushions
  3. Stack of Cushions
  4. Rumble Tumble Fun (Bonus Teletubbies Episode)