The Costume and Animatronic Workshop is the costume division of TWF, which, hence its name, produces several different cosplay costumes, animatronic figures, and television show-style sets.

Two of the brands included, Teletubbies and Boohbah, feature majorly, and thus, there will be several different types of costumes and props made.

Boohbah Costumes

A mix between a costume and animatronic, featuring a inflatable body, 500 tiny lights, a retractable head with remote-controlled eyes, a motion-activated or remote-activated sound box, and the ability to float in mid-air. Each one is able to be used as a cosplay, and utilise the same hand-painted material as the show's costumes. Each one is the same colour as each Boohbah.

Props (tenative)

The spinning pods, dance mat, and rainbow spiral and bubbles are included in this pack. They can be put together to make a highly accurate photo set, or as displayable items.

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