These are episodes that have "The Jumping Bungee Boo Dance" game, where the Boohbahs fly down, fly up, swing their body and more.

The game starts with the Boohbahs flying down and sitting on the ground. They bounce their bellies and stop before they pull their heads up and retract them down. Each Boohbah retracts their head one at a time, stand up and stretch. They bounce their bellies and pull out their heads before sucking them in again. The Boohbahs swing their bodies back and forth until they stop and retract their head down. They bounce their bellies, each Boohbah retracts their head, stand up and stretch again and again. Humbah, Zing Zing Zingbah, Jingbah and Jumbah (except Zumbah) fly away up into the sky, while Zumbah bounces his belly faster and then finally flies to the top.

The Boohbahs fly and sit down again, retract their heads, swing their bodies back and forth, stop, retract their heads yet again and bounce their bellies again. Each Boohbah retracts their head and stand up again faster, they fly up and down and up, at the end of the game, the Boohbahs fly up and down until they're gone.


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