This is the Storyworld Segment for the Boohbah episode: Sailing Boat.

The Storyworld Segment starts with a small Sailing Boat appearing in Storyworld. Then, Mr. Man arrives and sees the small Sailing Boat. He then picks up the small Sailing Boat, but doesn't know what do to do with it at first, but then he gets the idea and pretends that the boat is sailing over the water. Then, a stream appears and when Mr. Man puts the boat on top of the stream, the boat sails away. Mr. Man tries to catch the boat, but every time he does so, the boat sails away from him. So, a big Sailing Boat appears and Mr. Man gets on the big Sailing Boat, and chases after the small Sailing Boat. Eventually, Mr. Man catches the small Sailing Boat. The Storyworld Segment ends with Mr. Man sailing on the big Sailing Boat with the small Sailing Boat in his hands. 


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