The main setting of Boohbah is the Boohzone.

The Boohzone is a giant dome-shaped area where the Boohbahs live, dance, and fly. It is decorated with a stream of glowing brightly-coloured bubbles, rainbow streaks, and is topped off by the Boohbahs' Boohball.

Locations inside the Boohzone Edit

Dance area Edit

Located at the bottom centre of the Boohzone, the dance area is situated in a big white pit where the Boohbahs play and do their dances. It can be accessed by a candy-like or rainbow road, which leads down to a spiral connected to this dot.

People are allowed into the Boohzone, but only if the Boohbahs are not around. If this area is blank, then someone can walk down the road, place a "present for the Storypeople" onto it, and send it to them via letting a massive orb of light lift the present up into the Boohball.

Boohball Edit

The Boohball is located at the very top of the Boohzone. It travels from place to place when called to children, and holds five spinning pods within its interior.