Boohblankets are blankets made by TWF. They are both part of the Boohbah and Boohbah Baby/Gift ranges, and are fabricated by the home/bath/bed company, The Big One.


Each blanket ranges from being 30" x 54" and 20" x 35" (the Baby/Gift versions only). They are made with thick terrycloth (the same as with the Kohl's Solid Bath Towels by The Big One), also featuring shimmering lights within the middle of both sides. There is also a picture of a Boohbah on one side, and the other side is blank. Within the middle of the blanket is a less thicker and softer fabric to hide the lights inside the blanket.

Available inEdit

Regular versions:Edit

Each one has a picture of the Boohbah the colour of the blanket on one side, their name on the top of the picture, and a shimmering body. The blanket is approximately 30" long and 54" tall, and includes leg warmers that both shimmer and are the same colour and material of the blanket.

20" x 35":Edit

Each blanket has a thick terrycloth body and the same appendages the regular blankets contain (Boohbah picture, shimmering body).

  • Humbah (colour: pastel yellow)
  • Jingbah (colour: pastel pink)
  • Jumbah (colour: pastel blue)
  • Zing Zing Zingbah (colour: pastel orange)
  • Zumbah (colour: light purple)

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