The Boohball is a glowing, crystalline white ball of light and also where the Boohbahs come from and live. It travels from country to country when called by children, and appears out of nowhere during certain parts of the show.

Design and locations Edit

The Boohball is primarily a brilliant white, with multi-coloured spots scrambling around it as it travels around the world. Inside of the Boohball is a room containing five fuzzy pod beds, which are where the Boohbahs sleep and "recharge" energy. These pods, suspended by a strange-looking monument of energy branches stuck to a spinning platform, look like five ladles with the handles linked; one can say that the pods look like five fig halves. The Boohbahs' energy is obtained by children's laughter, which comes from these children playing with the Boohball.

Boohzone Edit

The Boohball is located at the very top of this area, and also "builds" it in the opening sequence. Whenever children come into the Boohzone with a "present for the Storypeople", they place the present on the Boohbahs' dance area, and their blowing powers it up into here, where the Storypeople are introduced.

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