The Boohbahs are a group of furry "atoms" of energy and the titular characters of the show.


The Boohbahs doing a bouncing dance

Biography Edit

After sleeping inside of five spoon-like pods inside of the magical, luminous Boohball at the beginning of each episode, the colourful, energetic Boohbahs are charged to life, dancing and flying away. They enjoy to do many sorts of physical activity, like jumping, bumping, shaking, spinning, falling, rocking, bending, bouncing, and flying, and are powered by the laughter of children playing with them.

Appearance Edit

A Boohbah is morbidly obese, and this is made very clear with its large, round, and jiggly gumdrop-like belly. Its body is very soft and fuzzy from neck to toe and sparkles with light. It has thick guts around its stomach area, cone-shaped arms and legs, and three-pointed hands at the tips of its arms. Its back is coloured a darker strip of the base colour (see below).

Each Boohbah has an arch-shaped head with two big brown eyes, which click while moving, and ten eyebrows, which they light up to communicate. In-between their eyes is a tint of nose and below them are their 'freckles'. Situated around the lower part of the Boohbah's head and above its neck is a circular, hollow 'ring', which the Boohbah can retract its head into.

List of Boohbahs Edit

Below is a list of all five canon Boohbahs. Like Anne Wood's other "alien-like" characters, the Teletubbies, they are each a different colour, which is the only way to tell each one apart. Throughout the different segments, the Boohbahs' fur colours differ between darker, brighter (normal), or lighter shades of the base colour. The Boohbahs are:

Characteristics Edit

Each Boohbah is energetic and hyperactive. They are often very active, mostly doing dances, exercises, and shaping up while awake. According to Anne Wood, the Boohbahs represent children's energy and children's overall enjoyment of movement. The sounds they make when they move are all part of their fun and contributes to their infectious appeal to children who are drawn irresistibly to get up and dance about with them.

The Boohbahs have the ability to fly; this is one of their often-shown traits. They are seen flying in the opening sequence of the show, and a handful of end dances show them in the air. In three portions of an episode, the Boohbahs soar up to the centre of the Boohzone and fly either downward or upward, holding hands together in a circle like skydivers. While in this position, each Boohbah emits a coloured musical note and sends it toward a central point, which leads to them going into the Boohball or flying all over the Boohzone.

The Boohbahs express emotion by lighting up their eyebrows, moving their eyes around, and retracting their heads into their necks.

The Boohbahs do not have mouths, and consequently cannot speak; instead, they communicate by emitting many different noises, such as squeaks, squeals, and hums. Whenever they bump into each-other, fall down, bend over, or take-off, they expel air (and make numerous flatulent "air-bellowing" noises) - constantly.

Habitat Edit

The Boohbahs live inside of a large, colourful dome named the Boohzone. This wide, bubble-filled space contains a rainbow road, which spirals down to a spot where children give presents to the Storypeople and the Boohbahs play. Above this spot is a sparkly, crystalline ball christened the Boohball, where the Boohbahs travel in and subsequently live. Usually, inside the ball are their "charger" pods, where they sleep and recharge energy in while they travel the world.

Trivia Edit

  • According to former revisions of the show's Wikipedia article, the Boohbahs being fat (as well as their species name) could be reminiscent of the bouba/kiki effect.
  • The Boohbahs' eyebrows were inspired by a blown-up postcard picture in Anne Wood's office of a girl with two arches of dots embedded over her eyes.
  • The Boohbahs' heads look very similar to Kewpie dolls, which too have an arch-shaped head and large eyes. However, the Boohbahs do not have a nose, and their eyes are much bigger than that of a Kewpie.
  • Because the air-bellowing noises they make sound a lot like flatulence, whether or not the Boohbahs fart is (currently) up for debate. On the now-defunct "expert questions-and-answers" section on the PBS Parents website, Anne Wood considers the flatulence to be the sound the Boohbahs make when they begin flying, similar to air blasting out of a balloon if let go without anything to keep air from escaping.
  • The Boohbahs are the only characters to consistently appear in every episode of the show.
  • Although Boohbah is meant to get viewers at home to exercise, all five Boohbahs are, ironically, overweight. It is unknown why this is, but most likely to make the characters big enough to attract small viewers' attention.
  • The exterior of the Boohbah suit's body is an inflated carapace which is covered in thousands of ruffled bits of material hand-painted different shades of each Boohbah's base colour. Their heads are equipped with ten small lights and pairs of large, realistic eyes (these eyes may either be remote-controlled or can move manually); the interior of the suit is wired up with approximately 500 tiny lights, giving it its shimmery look.
  • The Boohbah costumes were designed by Vin Burnham and their heads were most likely designed by Jim Sandys.