TWF will soon make their own Boohbah action figures.

3-inch figures Edit

Five poseable "action" figures.

4-8-inch scale figures Edit

Both figures are 9.99 in American dollars and British pounds and $14.99 in Australian dollars.

Boohbahs Edit

Separate from the Storypeople figures, the Boohbahs themselves are flocked and also contain a "sparkling" effect. There are nine points of articulation: hands, arms, legs, body, head, and movable eyes (the Boohbahs have retractable heads). Their fur glows in the dark when placed near light.

Storypeople Edit

These figures are their own separate series, despite being part of the TWF Friends Boohbah toyline. Unlike the Boohbahs, the Storypeople have four points of articulation: arms, head, and waist.

Assortment A Edit

  • Grandmamma with forklift, four blocks, bed, and giant drum
  • Grandpappa with armchairs, hammock, pencil, and pencil sharpener
  • Mr. Man with wheelbarrel, ball piles, seesaw, and wall
  • Mrs. Lady with sweater, door, and crossroad track pieces
  • Brother and Sister with bead-chain plug, two shells with one pearl, skipping rope, and window
  • Playset: Field with Brother, Sister, Mrs. Lady, and jack-in-a-box

Assortment B Edit

  • Auntie with bucket of paint, paintbrush, fence, treasure chest, and giant ball of yarn
  • Little Dog Fido with giant bone and slipper
  • Playset: Desert Island with Brother and Sister

Assortment C Edit

  • Grandpappa in Shining Armour
  • Brother and Sister with Squeaky Socks
  • Grandmamma with Record Player
  • Playset: Storyworld Beach with Grandpappa and Little Dog Fido
  • Playset: Snowman Episodic Set

Assortment D Edit

  • Squeaky Socks Grandpappa
  • Squeaky Socks Grandmamma
  • Squeaky Socks Mr. Man and Mrs. Lady

Assortment E Edit

  • Fido's Picture
  • Grandpappa Jumping on the Balls
  • Mr. Man and the Sledge
  • Grandmamma, Fido, and the Cushions
  • Brother and Sister's Tightrope

12-inch deluxe figures Edit

These figures (14.99 American dollars and British pounds, $19.99 Australian dollars) feature shimmering fur, a retractable head, and moving eyes.

  • Humbah
  • Jingbah
  • Jumbah
  • Zing Zing Zingbah
  • Zumbah

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