• Uptown1989

    I want to tell you that you're very bouncy today.

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  • Uptown1989
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  • WaltWiz1901

    On my redesigned TWF toy line thread, you discussed a lot of things about the rubber dancing Boohbahs, but you only did one detail about the dance zone set that was part of the same range: the figures have magnets underneath their feet so when you place the figures on the set, they move and dance. 

    However, there are a bunch of things about the set that you didn't touch on:

    1. How would the figures included with the set move?

    2. There are two sections on the set: the dance area and the charger pods. How would the figures interact with them?

    3. What other features would the set have?

    4. Which sounds would be featured on the set?

    There were also some ideas for squishy light-up toys and inflatable Boohbahs, but there's nothing about them. What idea…

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  • Rohan Anthony Hordo 3.0


    November 5, 2016 by Rohan Anthony Hordo 3.0

    Hey guys, Last time, I decide to adopt the wiki. I wanna be a new admin since the founder hasn't edited. I hope this adoption doesn't fail.

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