Big Windows & More Boohbah Magic is a VHS/DVD released in North America by Paramount Home Entertainment.
51YSAHT6N7L. SX342

VHS cover

TV EpisodesEdit

  1. Big Windows
  2. Big TV
  3. Long Drink

Differences between the original and American versions Edit

Big Windows Edit

  • The British version of the episode is called Windows. For unknown reasons, when distributed in North America, the word Big was inserted into the episode title.
  • The end dance on the original British version is the same one from Space Rocket; the Hide Your Heads and Feet dance. The version on this DVD has the Hiding in a Line dance instead.
  • In this version, when the window appears, the audio of when the children say the Storypeople's names is the US audio, and normally, it can only be seen on TV.

Big TV Edit

  • The end dance on the original British version is the Sneak Up and Surprise Out dance. The version here has the Near and Far dance.

Long Drink Edit

  • Jumbah leads the Star Jump warm-up dance in the original British version of this episode; Humbah leads the Hopping Side to Side dance in the version here.