Big TV and more Boohbah Magic is a DVD released in Australia in 2006.

TV Episodes Edit

  1. Big TV
  2. Windows
  3. Long Drink
  4. Pencil Sharpener (bonus episode)

Trivia Edit

  • This DVD is very similar to the American DVD, Big Windows, and also contains all 3 episodes from that release (except for Pencil Sharpener).
  • The episodes shown on this DVD are different from their American broadcast versions:
    • The British version of Windows has the Hide Your Heads and Feet end dance, while the American version (Big Windows) has the Hiding in a Line end dance. In Big Windows, the Storypeople's names being called out after the present is revealed is carried over to the international version (Windows).
    • The British version of Big TV has the Sneak Up and Surprise Out end dance, while the American version has the Near and Far dance.
    • The British version of Long Drink has Jumbah leading the Star Jump warm-up dance; the American version has Humbah leading the Hopping Side to Side warm-up dance.
  • This release was one out of a handful of Boohbah home media releases to be exclusive to a certain country (in this case, Australia).
  • This DVD has another release in Australia, but released in a transparent case, instead of the purple handle case.

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