Big Comb
017 Big Comb
Season 01, Episode 17
Vital statistics
Air date June 17, 2003
Written by Gary Winters

Gregg Whelan

Directed by Chris Bernard

Annie Gibbs
Vic Finch

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Settee & Cushions (Couch & Cushions) The Big Ball
Time for some funny Boohbah stomps, then lots of lying down and standing up. In Storyworld, Grandpappa finds a comb and has a hair-raising experience. But can he sort out this knotty problem and tie up loose ends?


This is the 1st Grandpappa episode to be written by the 2 writers: Gary Winters & Gregg Whelan. The 2nd episode is Springy Sofa.


It's a hair Comb.

Somebody's coming.

It's Grandpappa.

It's a scarf.