Boohbah: Bat & Ball is a fan-made Boohbah DVD and VHS. Join the Boohbahs as they swing their arms and shape up, do some silly sideways steps, join in and jump, do a Jumping Bungee Boo Dance, and spin and run around, and around, and around, and watch the Storypeople as they hit a ball way high up in the sky with a bat, draw a nice picture of a flower, and try to follow the signs without getting in a spin.


  1. Bat & Ball
  2. Pencil Sharpener
  3. Following the Signs

Difference in Pencil Sharpener:

The UK Version of Pencil Sharpener has the UK & South Africa intro, while the version here has the Spain & USA intro, like the episodes Jack In The Box, Fido's Bone & Book.