BOOH!-tique is a line of beauty care products centred around Boohbah by TWF, who is more known for distributing the current-day toys for that show. It will launch amongside the Teletubbies Teletub-boutique line, and features stuff like bubble-bath, shampoo, hand soap, and bubbles.

Bubble bath Edit

Each container of bubble bath comes in the shape of a Boohbah, with the pump area being around its neck. Although it is the same as traditional bubble bath, each one is scented, as listed below:

Hand soap Edit

This foaming hand soap also comes in the shape of a Boohbah, but the pump area retracts its head and extracts it out through its bottom, making it appear like the Boohbah container is "expelling" soap from its bottom. Each one is too scented:

  • Humbah (lemon meringue-banana)
  • Jingbah (strawberry-raspberry)
  • Jumbah (blueberry-blue sage)
  • Zing Zing Zingbah (mandarin-peach-mango)
  • Zumbah (blackberry)

Shampoo Edit

This Boohbah-shaped container of kids' shampoo extacts it out through its neck, and is also scented:

  • Humbah (lemon meringue)
  • Jingbah (strawberry-pomegranate)
  • Jumbah (blueberry)
  • Zing Zing Zingbah (orange-mango)
  • Zumbah (blackberry)

Storypeople Edit

These scents represent each Storyperson and is also available in all three formats listed above:

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