The Art of Boohbah Collection is a collector's edition-style series of plush/soft toys, dolls, and stationary made and sold by TWF exclusively for their Collector's Store.


Each piece in this collection is made by a member of the production crew for Boohbah:

Boohbah 17-inch soft toys/plush:

Made by: Vinilla "Vin" Burnham (original costume designer)

These soft toys are approximately 3 inches smaller than the regular ones, which resemble the show costumes, stock images, and the 2000's soft toys in a blender. As with a few Boohbah soft toy assortments, their fur has almost every aspect of the show's Boohbah costumes, such as shimmering/sparkling/twinkling fur, a darker shade of their fur colour on the back, a inflated body, and an largely poseable body, as well as moving eyes, light-up eyebrows, and a retractable head. They also have a icon on their heart section, and they also make sound. They are available in all five Boohbahs.

Storypeople dolls:

Made by: Janice Rider (clothing)

See Storypeople Classic Dolls, except their clothing is the same material as the ones they wear on Boohbah.


Made by: Various

These home decor include concept art for the Boohbah suits, the two soft slabs that were hung by Anne Wood's office, and the scenery inside the Boohzone.

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