Boohbah Plush/Soft Toys are 20-inch high soft toys made by TWF sold exclusively through their Collector's Store.

Info Edit

The soft toys are those of the Boohbahs, and as mentioned, stand 20 inches tall when upward and approximately 15 inches tall when sitting down. Their fur, as with the Large, Sound, Jumbo, and Deluxe Authentic soft toys, is roughly the same as the costumes on the show, and as with their costume counterparts, their fur glitters, shimmers, and sparkles with glitter permanently attached to each layer of fur. Their arms and legs are poseable, their eyes can be moved around, and their head can be retracted. On their foot is a "Authentic TWF Collector's Store Exclusive" badge that is the colour of their body.

Available in Edit

Suggested retail price Edit

  • $19.99 (American dollars)
  • 24.50 (British pounds)

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